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Texel makes it possible for you to offer your viewers virtual seats for live events. They will experience events as never before – as if they were physically at the venue, in the arena or at the pool, significantly increasing their engagement and your revenue.
Texel scales the venue experience by enabling virtual presence in 8K resolution with over 80% bandwidth reduction. Texel streamlines the entire VR experience and empowers you with very short time to market.

Texel’s customer base includes already leading content platforms, telcos, and OEMs


Your viewers will enjoy the perfect event experience, meaning smooth and consistent viewing, with no latency or buffering periods and maximal responsiveness to head movement in 8K resolution.

User Engagament

Texel’s virtual seat platform enables your viewers to engage socially as if they were actually at the venue. What’s more, Texel provides you with valuable insights into your users' viewing habits, providing a personalized content mix.

Shortest Time to Market

During the show, behind the scenes or during training, Texel offers the shortest time to reach your audiences. Using exiting gear or with lean production, you can provide an unparalleled event experience to your viewers.


Using our unique technologies, we deliver quality where its matters for your viewers. The result is the ultimate viewing experience bringing real VR experience to life with live 8K capabilities. Texel supports multi device coverage, while adapting the content to the different characteristics of each device.

Shortest Time to Market

Texel supports a variety of production levels, from multiple to single camera, edited to raw to enable a real-life experience in the shortest time possible. Give your audience the power to start enjoying a true presence at the venue, as they never have before.

user Engagement

Making the most of Texel’s unique technology, your users can chat socially with each other while enjoying the exact same experience and vibe as people at the actual venue.

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